Why LLR?

“Wouldn’t it be nice to if this could cover the cost of our babysitter!?” This is how my journey started and the beginning of the story I tell when someone asks me this question… Why LuLaRoe? My goal was financial ‘breathing room.’ The goal was $600 in extra income a month… this would cover the cost of our sitter while we worked. While that might seem small to you, ask yourself this, what could you or your family do with an additional $600 a month?

Is $600 not a large enough goal? How about $1000 a month? What about $2000? What about being able to quit your regular job and do this full time…. The point is everyone’s goals and dreams are different, but it’s all centered around the same thing, time. Time is the one thing we can not buy and will always need more of. In my personal case, LLR has provided me with more flexibility for quality time with my family.

To be honest, when I signed up for LuLaRoe I was only looking for a monetary benefit but I surprisingly ended up with so much more. I am now part of a network of tens of THOUSANDS of strong, independent women and have gained life long friends! Sounds corny right? Well it is... but it’s also true!